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Hello I’m Tamara-

I have been working in marketing long before social media existed (showing my age) so I know there is a whole world of marketing platforms that can help you get results.

I help businesses targeting parents and children to find best marketing strategies to get them results.

I have a wide range of experience with family focused businesses including a leading children’s book publishers, children’s activities providers and franchisors, a children’s clothing brand to name a few.
I resonate with many of my clients in this industry.

I am also a busy mum of two so I share the ‘juggle struggle’ that you might be familiar with, We need to use the limited time we get in our businesses in the areas we are GREAT at. Am I right?

Even though you know it’s important to market your business – do you just feel overwhelmed on where to even start?

I am here to make marketing an enjoyable part of your business and not just something you have to get around it. In fact, I will show you how marketing can save you time, money and energy in your business.

My values.

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No Waffle.

I want to make marketing as accessible as possible and will always use honest and clear messaging. I use clear language, No jargon just fuss-free marketing advice. I always work flexibly around my clients and also around my young family, so I know time in your business is precious so I want to be your supportive guide.

Joy and Positivity

I want to empower business owners to own their marketing and demystify that marketing is an admin task or just social media.  I work with business owners who want to make others day's brighter and on a mission to share their joy. 


I want to share my creativity and passion with marketing for others. Finding creative ways to promote others businesses really excites me and I am always looking to explore how I can use this creativity and take things to the next level. I love finding free tools or ways to repurpose so you can maximise your efforts.

Purpose Driven.

I work with business owners who are action takers and want accountability to make their business a success. I know the juggle struggle is real so I will keep you accountable and in the right direction. Let's stop procrastinating and start taking the right actions to get results.

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