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Tips to manage your social media when you have limited time

One of the phrases I hear a lot when I talk about social media and content creation is ‘I just don’t have the time’ for social media.

Of course, for many of us the juggle struggle is really with balancing our clients, running our businesses, and managing our family commitments. The last thing on the priority list for many is creating a post for social media.

And I know you were hoping to come to this blog for a magic wand. There are many ways to simplify and speed up the process so It does not have to be a chore BUT it does take a commitment to do it.

The harsh truth is you NEED to show up consistently online. Whether you want to build your audience, be seen by potential clients, widen your reach or promote new services you are offering- you have to have an active social media presence to grow your business.

Within just a few weeks you look unavailable and (depending on your industry) if you are are not posting at all you can look like you do not have time to work for your clients.

So here are a few tips on how you can speed up the process of social media content creation:

  • Get your diary out- schedule one day a month where you can plan your posts, create any images/videos, and get your social media scheduled. It may sound a lot when you have a busy schedule but committing to get it done really does speed up the process. You will be amazed how much time you waste daily getting something posted
  • Build a content library- Gather all your images, videos, client testimonials, brochures and collateral, logos, blogs, and any other marketing material together so it is easily accessible.
  • Create some easy to adapt social media templates- Using simple apps like Canva and Wordswag you do not have to be a designer to create templates you can use for your social media. You can easily adapt the thousands of templates available with your own logos, brand colours and fonts. You can even store your creations within the system for easy access and even use the app when posting via your phone.
  • Create a list of regular posts- If you have content you regularly need to share (like an event time each week, promotions or offers or specific service posts. Build a list of these so you can easily drag and drop them into your content plan each month.
  • Use a scheduler- Using a social media scheduler you can plan out the days and times your posts are sent out but schedule it all in one go. There are many different tools available and I recommend trialling out which are best for you as it can really be a personal preference. My favourites are Buffer, Hootsuite, Creator Studio via Facebook but give them all a go to see which you prefer. The great thing is, many offer free trials and some tools have no monthly fee if you have a small number of social media channels to schedule to.
  • Be Reactive- Although scheduling is really helpful and can free up your diary. It is great to also allow yourself to be reactive with your content. Whether it's sharing a business WIN or some industry news, it is great to also be 'in the moment' with your content too.
  • You do not need a perfectly curated grid- Have you seen the puzzle grids and channels which have beautiful checkerboard designs? Do not feel the pressure to create a beautifully curated grid when time is not your friend. Although they can look fancy it really does not add a huge amount of value to your channel. I always recommend avoiding anything which adds an added layer of complication to your social media scheduling

Your next question may well be, what do I post?

In my new Content Planning masterclass I can guide you through creating your content plan and creating your social media posts and actually get it scheduled,  So you are all set and active on your social media for the month ahead.

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