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Marketing Marvels Marketing Plan.

The marvellous marketing plan that helps you get tasks done in your marketing without overwhelm.

Are you drawn to learn more and more - heading to the next shiny course or training to try and get results?

The problem is we never get the opportunity to put it into action- whether its time, procrastination or even overwhelm.

I created this Marketing Plan template for family-led straight to consumer businesses who are:

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Worried about doing the wrong things with your marketing so end up doing nothing?
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Dabbling with social media, sending an email here and there but not really creating a strategic plan
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Overwhelmed and don’t really know where to begin to get the results you want
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Wanting to stop procrastinating and be guided on what to tackle next
The Marketing Marvels monthly plan is for business owners who just need the expertise and accountability to get marketing DONE.
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What will I get with this Marketing Marvels Marketing plan template?

Your first email will be a training video and supporting workbook to guide you through creating your marvellous monthly marketing plan.
Here's what you'll learn:
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Discover how to review your successes, challenges and next steps so you can truly start each month right
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How to identify your business goals for the month so you can have a clear focus for your results
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How to create a key marketing campaign for the month so you can stop spreading yourself so thin
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Creating a tactical marketing plan – your actual to do list of how you will make your marketing activities happen
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Using insights and data to help check your progress and measure success
Then expand your learning further with:
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The Marketing Marvels Toolkit packed with training and resources
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Book a discovery call with me to see how I can support you
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Ready to become a Marketing Marvel and creating a plan you can implement?

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