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Instant access mini training for businesses targeting parents and children
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Question for you?

What if you could see the simple steps to start your marketing plan and start making an impact in your business?

Grab your instant access to my 3 step mini course for just £29
Get Instant Access for £29

This is a three-module step by step mini training to help you start your marketing plan and start getting the results you dream of

(All in less than an hour)
As business owners, it can be tricky to share the join of what you do with your perfect customer. It can feel like you are going through the motions and never really sure on where to focus your limited energy and time.

With a marketing plan in place, marketing can become an enjoyable part of your business and not something you get around to. In fact, it can actually help save you time, money and energy in your business.

In this mini training I use my marketing knowledge and creativity to teach a simple marketing plan layout that can help rescue you from the ‘juggle struggle’ and overwhelm that comes from posting sporadically on social media, or sending an email here or there.

This is for you if you’re:

You are a business owner who are ready to explore making a marketing plan they can actually implement but are getting a little overwhelmed- the juggle struggle is real!
You may have been feeling that you are dabbling in different areas of marketing but not seeing any progress
You are posting on social media sporadically, perhaps sending an email or two but don’t really have a plan
You might be putting off making a plan as you aren’t sure where to start
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Word on the street

The biggest help is that I have got myself more organised. Whereas before I was trying to do a bit of everything and just going with the current idea, I'm now making a clear plan and feel much better for it.
I loved the Marketing Marvels training with Dot and stripe. Tamara is so lovely and very helpful. The trainings were packed with so much information. Everything was so easy to access and split up into bite size and manageable tasks. I'm enjoying working my way through the workbook. The audit task has been particularly helpful having the opportunity to take a step back and really assess what is and isn't working with support has been amazing.

Are you ready to get your marketing plan working for you?

Your marketing plan should be a living, working document that sets the tone and direction for all you do in your marketing efforts.

Without one, we are drifting aimlessly from task to task without a clear understanding of what is making a difference in our business. But getting started can feel like a massive task.

I am obsessed with Marketing and have helped hundreds of people beat all the jargon, feel less overwhelmed and start getting the results they dream of.

This training is a step-by-step guide to help you set up your marketing plan in a way that helps you:
Stop going around in circles and start to build a plan to attract your perfect customer
Focus on the marketing channels that will grow your business
How to put ideas into practise that will make an impact for your business

In this mini Training, I’ll teach you how to:

Make a start

We will start to build a picture of your goals and objectives based on being clear on who you serve, the problems they experience and where you fit in to support them.

Make it work

We are now ready to look at what is working for your existing marketing. Focusing on your strengths and weaknesses we will also look at our competitors and industry peers to gain insight and inspiration. 

Make an impact

It’s time to get creative and think about the best channels to focus on for our audience. We will focus on campaign ideas to make an impact and discuss the tools that will help get us there.
I’ve added a bonus workbook that you can download and complete so you have all the templates to create your plan as you learn. 
Ready to make your marketing plan?
Get Instant Access for £29
I have broken everything into manageable focused goals & feel much clearer about direction. Thank you for all the pointers.
It's really got me thinking about what I can do to increase my (very small) reach. thank you!
Thanks so much Tamara for this past few days. It has both reinforced for me that I do have some strengths and I'm not clueless  but also gave me so much to think about for moving forward and developing my marketing. Basically I have the tools but I don't use them as well as I should. I really feel it's helped give me a more positive perspective on my little business. Now I just need to make the time to do it and not let the overwhelm kick in. I've scheduled in time over the next couple of days to finish the workbook.
Lots to think about and it really has me realising that while I might have a lot of channels set up I really do not utilise them well. I need this audit. Time to strip back and refresh I think!
It really has been so helpful and I'm defo going to join your Marketing Marvels toolkit.

I’m Tamara-
Marketing Consultant and Mum of Two

I use my passion for marketing to help family led, straight to consumer businesses to share the joy of what they do with their perfect customers and see bigger and better results.

I see so many businesses owners who use their skills and creativity to build their business and they get stuck in an endless loop of marketing tasks, barely getting to do the thing they set out to do in the first place- to spend more time in of the business and homelife they love.

I am here to make marketing an enjoyable part of your business and not just something you have to get around it.

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Frequently asked questions

1. When does the course start and finish?
This course is self-paced - you get access to the whole training instantly.
2. How do I access to the course?
Once you sign up you will be emailed to confirm your space. You will get your own personalised access so you can catch up on the course at any time on a separate email.
3. How long will the course take?
This course is designed to be completed in under a couple of hours. If you take action and set up as you watch the videos, you'll have a functioning marketing plan as you go.
4. Can I ask questions?
Of course, please email [email protected] or any of our speakers directly.
5. I have just started my business, is this for me?
Congratulations, So exciting for you. This would be a great session if you are a brand new business so you can learn some of the tools and resources that can set your business up for success.

Grab the mini-marketing training NOW.

What if you could see the simple steps to start your marketing plan and start making an impact in your business?
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