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Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to focus on the areas of marketing that will start to bring you results without the fear and overwhelm?

The Marketing Marvels Toolkit is perfect for family-led, straight to consumer businesses who might not be ready to outsource- you just need the expertise and accountability to get marketing DONE.
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Does this sound like you?

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You are procrastinating with your marketing
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Marketing keeps going to the bottom of your to-do list
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You are worried about doing the wrong thing and end up doing nothing or not making progress
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Your current marketing efforts are draining your time and you don't have time to attend LIVE training
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You feel a bit overwhelmed with where to start
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You don’t like putting yourself out there on social media, aren’t sure what to say on your email list and definitely don’t want to be dancing on Tik Tok

Take the steps to marvellous marketing and Access the Marketing Marvels Toolkit.

Overcome the overwhelm
Jump straight into the Marketing Marvels toolkit for all the training and resources you need to support your journey. 

The START HERE section shows you the steps to complete on your marketing training before umping into all the masterclasses.
and support
You’re fed up with doing course after course but never really putting it into action. Our GUEST EXPERT training sessions are the perfect combination of learning and doing with the option to ask the questions you need to keep moving you forward.

Work with me 1:1 to get that bonus expert support or jump straight into the toolkit solo.
The Latest News and Insights 
The Marketing Marvels telegram channel and regular emails are the best way to learn the latest news and insights in the marketing world that can help your straight to consumer business.

Some of the masterclasses inside:

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3 Vital Steps to LinkedIn Success with Sarah Clay
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Build your List with Teresa Heath-Wearing
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Instagram Reels without Overwhelm with Danielle Bayes
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Why use email marketing with Sarah Stiffin
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Instagram Back to basics with Georgia
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Create a Consistent brand with Canva with Marie-Louise O'Neill
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Blogging for Business 
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How to get started creating stand out visual content
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Getting started with Pinterest
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Facebook Advertising Training
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And much, much more....
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You know you need to DO SOMETHING but WHERE DO YOU START?

This is exactly why I created The Marketing Marvels Toolkit.

I completely get it...
I'm Tamara.

I have been working in marketing long before social media existed (showing my age) so I know there is a whole world of marketing platforms that can help you get results.

I am also a busy mum of two so I share the ‘juggle struggle’ that you might be familiar with, We need to use the limited time we get in our businesses in the areas we are GREAT at. Am I right?

What brings me the most excitement is working with businesses who care about their customers and products, but also need the flexibility to spend more time doing what they love.

I am here to make marketing an enjoyable part of your business and not just something you have to get around it. In fact, I will show you how marketing can save you time, money and energy in your business.

And we do it in a way that works for you!
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Here’s what some of my members have said so far:

My business would not be in the confident position it is in now without the amount of training provided by Marketing marvels. We feel in a much stronger position moving forward knowing our content is stronger, meaningful & consistent and above all showing our customers clearly, who we are & what we are about. Thank you!
Tamara is fantastic! She is super experienced, knowledgeable and full of inspiration. I am really enjoying the Marketing Marvels for resources and learning from the expert guest speakers too. Every very small biz owner needs this kind of community + toolbox!
Great  trainings that have taught me so many practical techniques that will get me noticed.
The Marketing Marvel is a hub of knowledge, the talks were varied with some excellent guest speakers. Great value for money for a vast wealth of knowledge

Take the steps to marvellous marketing and ACCESS the Marketing Marvels Toolkit.



Armed with your marketing knowledge We’ve invited an incredible line-up of experts to help you build, market and develop your business.

No jargon, waffle or overwhelm. Plus no having to attend LIVE- just access the specific masterclass you need when you need it.

Telegram and Emails Channel

I will keep you updated with the latest news, trends and tips via our Marketing Marvels Telegram news channel and update you via email when new training is added to the hub, Never miss a session! 

Downloads and Templates

Our templates and downloads are the perfect accompaniment to our masterclasses and training. Get the exact templates you need to achieve your marketing goals.

Resource hub

All our sessions are recorded and you can access everything inside the members hub- no need to turn up LIVE. Plus all the videos are searchable, captioned and available as transcriptions or audio downloads.

Bonus 1.

Create your first Marketing Plan
This bonus session guides you through the 3 simple steps to start your marketing plan and become a Marketing Marvel.

In this session we will learn how to:

-  Stop going around in circles and start to build a plan to attract your perfect customer
-  Focus on the marketing channels that will grow your business
-  How to put ideas into practise that will make an impact for your business

Bonus 2.

Content Planning Masterclass
In the introduction masterclass you can focus on generating content that will appeal to your target audience with prompts and ideas to help you get your plans actioned as well as reusable templates and a Trello board of ideas.

You will finish this bonus masterclass with all the knowledge you need to start generating social media content that get results.

The Marketing Marvels Toolkit

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Brand new masterclasses from expert speakers
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Member perks
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Access to the latest news in our Telegram channel
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Downloads, templates and resources
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Success plan
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The option to work with me 1:1 for bespoke support
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BONUSES including Marketing Plan, Content Masterclass and more
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And much more...
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this help me feel more confident with my marketing?
YES. You will have the steps, resources and support you need from an expert to keep your business moving forward.
I’m brand new to business, is this for me?
DEFINITELY. See my answer above. You may also benefit from a 1:1 session with me too which you can learn about at my website. All my 1:1 clients get the Toolkit included for 3 or 6 months in our time together.
I am really experienced in my field, is this for me?
Would you like to discover more and stay up to date with all the latest marketing channels. I want to help keep you growing and challenging you to do more.
I don’t know if I will have time to attend everything?
I have developed the Marketing Marvels Toolkit so you can jump into the tools as and when you need them.
Our masterclasses are all recorded and searchable in our membership platform so you can catch up at a time to suit you. They are even captioned and transcribed if you prefer to read text or watch the videos without audio.
What’s the cancellation policy?
Whilst you won't want to leave we know this is probably on your mind. Our cancellation process is simple and easy to do in your account. You can leave at anytime and will retain access to everything until the end of your billing period (eg the end of the month if you're a monthly member or after 12 months if you pay annually). Further T&Cs apply which can be reviewed in the checkout page.

How much does it cost?

Best value

12 Month Membership
ONLY £320
Get 2 months free and save £64

Most flexible

per month
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*Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of your billing period. We operate a ‘no questions asked’ cancellation policy. You can leave at anytime and, you will retain access to everything until the end of your billing period (e.g., the end of the month if you're a monthly member or after 12 months if you pay annually). Further T&CS apply.

Want to access the Marketing Marvels Toolkit for Free?

My one to one marketing support packages combines online or face to face support and guidance with access to the Marketing Marvels Toolkit included to help you make those big transformations in your business.
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