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Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to focus on the areas of marketing that will start to bring you results with your limited time?

Join the Marketing Marvels membership – perfect for busy, parent led businesses who want to focus on marketing their business and freeing up time to do more of what they love.
Does this sound like you?
You want to grow your business but need to stop wasting time, money and effort on things that don’t work. 

Even though you know it’s important to market your business – you just feel overwhelmed you aren’t sure where to go next? 

You dabble with social media, perhaps have an email list – there are lots of things to focus on but aren’t doing any one area of marketing well.

You want to spend more time focusing on the elements of your life that you LOVE - whether that’s having time with your family or more time to spend in growing your business 
You might be feeling really fed up and want to find a solution to help you take control of your marketing. You might be secretly afraid that if things don’t work out you might need to return back to full-time work or give up your business.

You know you need to DO SOMETHING but WHERE DO YOU START ?

I completely get it...
I’m Tamara.

I’ve always loved marketing. It’s always been more than a job to me. But there came a time when working for someone else in full-time employment wasn’t cutting it-. Whilst I was trying to juggle my career and my family, it stopped loving me back.

So, I decided to set up on my own and now I do what I love in a way that works for my ME and my life. I LOVE my business and I want to make it work for me- so I can pick up my kids from school, enjoy time with them but still do something I am great at.

And I’m on a mission to help you simplify your marketing so that you can enjoy/focus on what you love too.

I want to help your business love you back as much as you love it- I want to help you have the time back to do the things you are good at in your business and help generate some return on your investment when it comes to marketing.
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Take the steps to marvellous marketing and become a Marketing Marvel…
Overcome the overwhelm.
The Marketing Marvels Success Path helps to identify the exact steps you need to take to start moving forward with your marketing.

With a clear plan and direction to support you every step of the way.
Accountability and Implementation
You’re fed up with doing course after course but never really putting it into action. Our implementation and accountability sessions are the perfect combination of learning and DOING with Q&A so you ask the questions that will keep moving you forward.
Collaborate with a community.
The Marketing Marvels membership Facebook group is the community hub to ask questions, watch LIVE trainings and connect with our Marketing Marvels who are juggling their businesses.
Join Marketing Marvels if:
 • You’re new to business and aren’t sure where to start with your marketing •
•  You’re dabbling in elements of marketing but aren’t making progress •
• You want to start to get more strategic with your marketing and create clear plans and goals •
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Hear what some of my founding member programme have said so far:
So, what exactly do you get when you join The Marketing Marvels membership?
So, what exactly do you get when you join The Marketing Marvels membership?
• The Marketing Marvels success path •
The marketing marvels success path is here to give you clarity and direction. A step-by-step timeline to help you identify where you are now and where you could get to. You can focus on the few things that matter to you right now.
• The content planning masterclass •
In the introduction masterclass you can focus on generating content that will appeal to your target audience with prompts and ideas to help you get your plans actioned
• Marketing masterclasses •
Armed with your content planning knowledge, each month we will provide you with new training on a marketing channel where you can implement your new found skills. No jargon, waffle or overwhelm. Just simple step by step training to keep you on your success path.
• Implementation sessions •
We know there is nothing worse than when your busy to try and find the time to implement you new found knowledge. That’s why you can join us monthly for an accountability and implementation session where you can put your training into action.
• Resource Hub •
Missed a live training or Q&A session? No worries- all our sessions are recorded and you can access everything inside the members hub. Plus all the videos are searchable, captioned and available as transcriptions or audio downloads.
Take the steps to being a Marketing Marvel and sign up as a MEMBER today

The cart will not be open again until 2022 and the price WILL increase for new members. 

Between now and then we will continue to shape the membership to what YOU need it to be and I would love to welcome you on the journey.

With all that said, what I am clear about is how this community will serve all of us as we progress towards marvellous marketing.

That’s what excites me. That’s why I’m waking up early with my mind racing a million miles a minute.

It all begins here today. Join me as a MEMBER today.
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*Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of your billing period. We operate a ‘no questions asked’ cancellation policy. You can leave at anytime and, you will retain access to everything until the end of your billing period (e.g., the end of the month if you're a monthly member or after 12 months if you pay annually)
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