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Create your first marketing plan in 3 simple steps with the Marketing Marvels Method 

Join me for 3 days of LIVE and practical training where I will guide you through the simple steps to start your marketing plan and start making an impact.

20/21/22nd September @ 7:30pm each night via FB LIVE
You will learn how to:

• Stop going around in circles and start to build a plan to attract your perfect customer

• Focus on the marketing channels that will grow your business

• How to put ideas into practise that will make an impact for your business

I know how demanding running your own business can be and how important it is to have a realistic, implementable plan. The sessions will be practical and also kept to under an hour so you can maximise your valuable time.

What does the schedule look like?
There is where we focus on your WHY. 

We will start to build a picture of your goals and objectives based on being really clear on who you serve, the problems they experience and where you fit in to support them.
We are now ready to look at what is working for your existing marketing.

 Focusing on your strengths and weaknesses we will also look at our competitors and industry peers to gain insight and inspiration.
It’s time to get creative and think about the best channels to focus on for our audience. We will focus on campaign ideas to make an impact and discuss the tools that will help get us there.
This session is for you if:

• Are a business owner who are ready to explore making a marketing plan they can actually implement
• You may have been feeling that you are dabbling in different areas of marketing but not seeing any progress
• You are posting on social media sporadically, perhaps sending an email or two but don’t really have a plan
• You might be putting off making a plan as you aren’t sure where to start

You know you need to DO SOMETHING but WHERE DO YOU START ?

I completely get it...By the end of this training you will be on the journey you will feel less overwhelmed and more confident with your marketing than ever before!

Meet your trainer for the 3 day training
I’m Tamara.

I’ve always loved marketing. It’s always been more than a job to me. But there came a time when working for someone else in full-time employment wasn’t cutting it-. Whilst I was trying to juggle my career and my family, it stopped loving me back.

So, I decided to set up on my own and now I do what I love in a way that works for my ME and my life. I LOVE my business and I want to make it work for me- so I can pick up my kids from school, enjoy time with them but still do something I am great at.

And I’m on a mission to help you simplify your marketing so that you can enjoy/focus on what you love too.

I want to help your business love you back as much as you love it- I want to help you have the time back to do the things you are good at in your business and help generate some return on your investment when it comes to marketing.
The practical stuff

Training will be no longer than an hour across
Monday 20th, Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd September at 7:30pm each evening.

The sessions will be hosted on Facebook LIVE via a closed group so you must sign up to ensure you get all the invitation details. The group will remain open until Friday 24th September.

You can ask questions at any time and we will aim to answer or come back to you after the training. 
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