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Self study marketing training, accountability and support for businesses targeting families
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Question for you?

What if you could stop FAFFING around on your marketing and start getting RESULTS?
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The Marketing Marvels Programme

Get all the marketing training you need so you can stop faffing around and start getting results – with self study, bite-sized modules and accountability to become a confident marketer in your business.

This is a self study programme with 6 modules with video tutorials, downloadable workbooks, checklists and templates.

All with the accountability and support of an expert.

“Only using social media to market your business is a missed opportunity”

Imagine if?

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Every time you go to work on your marketing you have a clear plan in place that will get you results
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You could spend LESS time on all your marketing efforts but get BETTER results
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And you might add new channels and systems in place that mean you get can start generating more income
The Marketing Marvels programme is the perfect solution for family focused businesses who might not be ready to outsource - you just need the expertise and accountability to get marketing DONE.

How it works

Get instant access to 6 training modules in your personalised hub for you to take action on your marketing.
Benefit from two 30 minute accountability sessions with me to ask questions and gain support to put your learning into practise
With accountability and advice from an expert you can start to get best practises in place so you can watch your results explode.

Here’s what you get when you enroll:

6 training modules
Resources and templates
2 x 30 minute accountability sessions

“You want to stop feeling like marketing is just an admin task to get around to”

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of endless marketing admin and you can often feel like:

Your marketing efforts just aren’t paying off and you don’t know why
You spend loads of time and effort working on social media or curating a blog but you just don’t reap any results
You feel overwhelmed with where to start
You find yourself stuck in a rut of endless marketing admin and end up procrastinating
You almost never look at your analytics or insights- in fact you might not even be sure how

By the end of our group programme together you will have:

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Nailed down your marketing practises so you can feel more organised with your limited time
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Have a clear content strategy in place with resources to speed up the process
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Feel confident enough to have mastered the key channels to target your ideal customers

Real Results

The biggest help is that I have got myself more organised. Whereas before I was trying to do a bit of everything and just going with the current idea, I’m now making a clear plan and feel much better for it.
Tamara is so lovely and very helpful. The trainings were packed with so much information. Everything was so easy to access and split up into bite size and manageable tasks.

So, what’s included in the programme?

Get instant access to 6 marketing modules for you to digest on-demand. It’s important to me that you don’t feel overwhelmed so each session is bitesize and practical so you won’t feel swamped.

Each module includes the templates, resources and checklists you need to start taking action.

You also benefit from 2 x 30 minute accountability sessions with me so you can ask my anything or put your learning into practise. T

All our modules, resources and Q&A recordings will be available for you on-demand in your personalised hub.

Module 1. Your goals and audience

It’s important to map out your marketing journey so we can prioritise what is important for you and your ideal customers

Module 2. Organise and audit

It’s time to change your marketing mindset and get motivated. I share the processes and tools to help you become more motivated with your marketing and far more productive

Module 3. Creating clever content for the right channels

I help you discover the creative ways you can speak to and market to your dream clients. 
I show you the simple ways to repurpose your marketing efforts and reach new channels without creating anything new

Module 4. Campaign Planning

Once we have our plan in place we will focus on identifying and mapping out your key marketing campaigns

Module 5. Automating your marketing

One we have our tactical plan in place I will show you how to speed up and automate your marketing so you can spend more time on other areas of your business. 

Let’s spend less time on social media and more time capturing leads to grow your email list

Module 6. Take your marketing to the next level

Once we have our basics in place it’s time to start looking at how we can take our marketing to the next level to really stand out.

Number knowledge is power. I will show you how to analyse the important data in your marketing so you can start making better decisions

Become a Marketing Marvel programme

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Pay in 2 instalments

2 Monthly Payments

Sign up and claim these juicy bonuses TODAY:

Bonus 1.

How Asana can take your organisation to the next level.

Asana is a web and mobile work management platform designed to help teams organise, track, and manage their work. In this Bonus mini course you will learn how Asana can save time and increase productivity.

Bonus 2.

Introduction to Google Analytics 4

Thuha, pronounced Too-ha, is a paid ads specialist. Her superpower is her love of data. It is with this superpower she has successfully helped clients get more value from their ads budget by using insights from Google Analytics.

This BONUS will be excellent when we come to MODULE 6 on Data and analytics.

I'm Tamara

Marketing Consultant and Mum of Two.

I use my passion for marketing to help family led, straight to consumer businesses to share the joy of what they do with their perfect customers and see bigger and better results.

I see so many businesses owners who use their skills and creativity to build their business and they get stuck in an endless loop of marketing tasks, barely getting to do the thing they set out to do in the first place - to spend more time in of the business and home-life they love.
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My business would not be in the confident position it is in now without the amount of training provided by Marketing marvels. We feel in a much stronger position moving forward knowing our content is stronger, meaningful & consistent and above all showing our customers clearly, who we are & what we are about. Thank you!
Tamara is fantastic! She is super experienced, knowledgeable and full of inspiration. I am really enjoying the Marketing Marvels for resources and learning from the expert guest speakers too. Every very small biz owner needs this kind of community + toolbox!
Great trainings that have taught me so many practical techniques that will get me noticed.
The Marketing Marvel is a hub of knowledge, the talks were varied with some excellent guest speakers. Great value for money for a vast wealth of knowledge.

Here’s what you get when you enroll:

6 training modules
Resources and templates
2 x 30 minute accountability sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the programme start and finish?
You get instant lifetime access to the programme so you can digest in your own time.
How do I access the programme?
Once you sign up you will be emailed to confirm your space. You will get your own personalised access to your hub where the modules, resources and templates will be waiting for you.
I am a bit worried that I won’t have time?
This programme is designed to reduce your overwhelm when it comes to marketing so it’s a great way to learn in your own time. The videos are designed so you can pause and take action as you go. You also benefit from lifetime access to your portal so you never feel like you are slipping behind. 
I have just started my business, is this for me?
Congratulations, So exciting for you. This would be a great session if you are a brand new business so you can learn some of the tools and resources that can set your business up for success. 
Can I ask questions before I sign up?
Absolutely if you need support please email [email protected]
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