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One of the phrases I hear a lot when I talk about social media and content creation is ‘I just don’t have the time’ for social media.

Of course, for many of us the juggle struggle is really with balancing our clients, running our businesses, and managing our family commitments. The last thing on the priority list for many is creating a post for social media.

And I know you were hoping to come to this blog for a magic wand. There are many ways to simplify and speed up the process so It does not have to be a chore BUT it does take a commitment to do it.

The harsh truth is you NEED to show up consistently online. Whether you want to build your audience, be seen by potential clients, widen your reach or promote new services you are offering- you have to have an active social media presence to grow your business.

Within just a few weeks you look unavailable and (depending on your industry) if you are are not posting at all you can look like you do not have time to work for your clients.

So here are a few tips on how you can speed up the process of social media content creation:

Your next question may well be, what do I post?

In my new Content Planning masterclass I can guide you through creating your content plan and creating your social media posts and actually get it scheduled,  So you are all set and active on your social media for the month ahead.

Get in touch to arrange a chat or book your 1:1 or group session to discover more.

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