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Introducing the

Capture & Convert Program.

Build an email campaign that lands you more children’s activities customers in 4 weeks.

Next intake starts 15th April.
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You are ready if:

⭐️ You are a thriving children’s activities provider with happy customers booking your sessions
⭐️ You’re ready to start using email to sell more spaces but aren’t quite sure where to start
⭐️ You are marketing on social media but aren't getting as many sales as you would like
⭐️ You might even be sending a regular email newsletter to your parents
⭐️ You want one simply strategy that can sell more spaces

You have been trying to promote your children’s activities classes but:

✖️ Social media is taking up most of your time and not delivering results
✖️ You’re fed up of giving away so many free trial classes that don’t convert into sales
✖️ You’re busy doing what you are great at (hosting your classes) and are worried you don’t have the time to add another channel to your to do list
✖️ Your sending a monthly newsletter and it’s not really engaging your audience

Your classes can’t become your families favorite day of the week if they don’t hear from you.

Do you think:
You don’t have the marketing skill to write emails or understand the tech
Sending emails will bother your audience
Nobody will sign up to my email list
That you don’t have time to add another marketing channel to your to do list

Well after Capture & Convert:

You’ll know exactly what to say and how to share it
You’ll understand that your dream clients WANT to hear from you
You will see that with the right offer your parents will be signing up in an instant
You will have an automated system in place that lands you more dream customers

Imagine if:

Within a few months you will have signed more ideal parents who are booking your sessions
You could be creating seasonal email campaigns that can keep generating results
You will be able to claim back the time with an automated system in place that can generate results
You will get the freedom to be able to focus on the areas of your business and home life that you are great at
You get the confidence as a consistent brand

Capture & Convert.

Capture and Convert will teach you how to build an email campaign that lands you more children’s activities customers in 4 weeks.
Capture more leads than ever and convert those leads into customers via email with:
A step by step system for creating highly converting campaigns from welcoming new subscribers to landing new clients
Done for you templates so you never have to wonder what to write
Access to an on-demand support Inbox for your burning questions so you never have to stay stuck for long
A bespoke Review of your final Campaign so you can get my send-off before you send it off
Land more customers
The Capture and Convert framework will teach you how to build an email campaign so you can land more children's activities customers.
Learn where you like
The curriculum is in bite size, self study format SO YOU don’t need to worry about watching live plus you get lifetime access to review as and when you need it again.

All the training takes less than 2 hours but you will have me for support for 4 weeks.
The hard work is done for you
Grab your ready to go templates SO YOU CAN simply drop in your brand message and get your lead magnet and emails created FAST.
Don’t go it alone
The on demand support inbox is accessible 24/7 so you can ask when it comes into your head as and when you need SO YOU never have to Google a question again.
See what others are asking
The Ultimate Notion Troubleshooting Guide delivered straight to your inbox will answer any and all questions you have about creating lead magnets. Get access to an ever-growing bank of answers from people just like you.
Get my bespoke feedback
Share your Capture and Convert campaign straight to me SO YOU CAN get bespoke feedback and be confident before you launch.

Hello I’m Tamara…

I have ‘literally’ got my hands dirty- and been where you are as a franchisee for a messy play franchise and also as marketing director supporting the team.
I’m an award winning marketing consultancy with over 20+ years experience

I have used the Capture & Convert framework to grow my own list, and many leading children’s activities providers

I focus on teaching you the steps, and then support you with a bespoke review so you can be confident before you launch

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Join Capture & Convert and you can nab some juicy bonuses

We have some MEGA incentives to grab your space early in the programme.

The first 10 people to sign up get  a  30 minute 1:1 with me to book anytime

PLUS If you are really fast...

First 3 to enrol...

Grab a FREE ticket to the Business Success Network CAP Conference

Hosted by Stacey Calder, Founder of the Business Success Network and Rachelle Hutt, Owner of Mess Around Ltd the day will be jam packed with energy, learning opportunities and a chance to get visible.

Plus catch up with my workshop on the day.

The first 3 people to nab a Capture & Convert spot can come for FREE. 

First 5 to enrol...

Access the Approaching Schools & Nurseries Campaign Toolkit

Get access to Cerys Keneally's most popular paid training - her "Campaign Mapping Masterclass" (normally sold for £99), along with all the accompanying resources - her Campaign Calculator, Campaign Calendar and Campaign Planning sheet. 

This toolkit is designed to help you have a consistent approach to contacting schools or nurseries all year round so you can start to have a consistent income as a result!

Smash 2024 with an amazing sales generating Capture & Convert system in place.

Once you join the Capture & Convert program you get:
A curriculum of 2 hours of pre-recorded, self paced lessons in easy, bitesized chunks teaching you how to create highly converting campaigns
Done for you templates so you never have to wonder what to write
Easy to follow action steps and tasks to get you taking immediate action
Access to an on-demand support Inbox for your burning questions so you never have to stay stuck for long for 4 weeks
A bespoke Review of your final Campaign so you can get my send-off before you send it off
Plus BONUS access to in depth case study from a fellow Children's Activities provider so you can see the system in action

Plus Complete your Capture & Convert campaign and unlock access to the Spring done for you templates to create your next seasonal campaign

What's the cost?

Capture & Convert

Pay in full £290

Split Payment Plan

3 x £99

inclusive of UK VAT.
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How do I learn more?

Join the waitlist today

Are you trying to be on ALL the channels rather than the RIGHT channels for your audience.

I WANT you to succeed and LAUNCH your lead magnet, not just LEARN how to build one.

Unlike many generic email training programs, Capture and Convert not only delivers bespoke feedback on your specific campaign but is also built with children's activity providers in mind.

Write an email campaign in half the time you spend scrolling on reels.

Capture & Convert takes less than 2 hours to complete.

Experience talks...

I really LOVED Capture & Convert. It's been fabulous
Julie from Dot Kids Franchise
The biggest help is that I have got myself more organised. Whereas before I was trying to do a bit of everything and just going with the current idea, I’m now making a clear plan and feel much better for it.

The Capture & Convert curriculum.

Learn why email is the perfect marketing platform to Capture & Convert your ideal customers.
I will guide you through the Capture & Convert method and introduce you to the tech set up for success before we put our learning into practise.
We will learn how to create your perfect, ideal client capturing lead magnet idea. Use my done-for-you templates to you can have your lead magnet set up in minutes. Then we set up our email system workflow can get set for converting.
Use my done-for-you email sequence that will convert your leads into sales and drop into our email system so your captures ideal customers can start converting into class sales.
During our 4 weeks together you get access to an on-demand support Inbox for your burning questions so you never have to stay stuck for long.
PLUS you benefit from a bespoke Review of your final Campaign so you can get my send-off before you send it off.
Once your campaign is finished you will get access to 10 Tips to Promote your Capture and Convert campaign.

Plus you will UNLOCK a juicy Easter campaign bonus ready for you to rebrand and share for the season.

BONUS: Case Study
Learn from a real life case study from a children’s activities provider so you can see the method in action.

What's the cost?

Capture & Convert

Pay in full £290

Split Payment Plan

3 x £99

inclusive of UK VAT.
Join the waitlist

You become top of mind when you’re top of inbox.

Every very small biz owner needs this kind of community + toolbox!
Great trainings that have taught me so many practical techniques that will get me noticed.
We love happy activities providers


When does Capture & Convert start and finish?
The training material doors will open 15th April 2024. The training materials are totally self paced AND can be completed in under 2 hours which means that you decide when you start and finish, but:

My bespoke review and on-demand inbox will be available to you for 4 weeks and closes Monday 13th May at midnight. 
How do I access the course?
Once you sign up you will be emailed to confirm your space. You will get your own personalised access to your hub where the modules, resources and templates will be waiting for you which will be unlocked when the program starts.

Plus I will be dropping in your inbox once the programme starts.
How do I ask questions when the course starts?
Once you sign up you will get all the links to the on-demand inbox to ask questions and the and Ultimate notion trouble shooting guide will show you what others have been asking.

Then every week the trouble shooting guide will land in your inbox so you never miss a question.
What happens when the 4 weeks is up?
You will get lifetime access to the course materials. It’s just my live support that stops after 4 weeks. You will be eligible for a discount on power hours or strategy sessions for the future if you still need support.
Will you be running this again?
Like with all of my programs, I always run an intake offer therefore I cannot guarantee if this offer will return in its exact format and investment level.
I would like you to help me with this one-to-one or do this for me?
No problem, whizz me an email at [email protected] and we can arrange a discovery call.
What email system will you be using?
For the examples in the course I use MailerLite. I use this platform because it’s so simple to navigate (great for beginners) and free up to 1000 subscribers.
I use a different email system to MailerLite, Is this ok?
That’s no problem. Although I won’t be navigating other email platforms, most of the same rules apply across email systems so you can still apply your learning.
Is this course right for a beginner?
Absolutely. I have built the training in a simple, bite-sized format so it doesn’t get too overwhelming. If you’re not sure whether you’re the right fit for the course, please do email me at [email protected].
What about GDPR/ Privacy policies?
I am not a lawyer, so please do check GDPR law’s in your country or I highly recommend Koffee Klatch for any Privacy Policy and GDPR templates.
Great value for money for a vast wealth of knowledge.
We feel in a much stronger position moving forward….stronger, meaningful & consistent and above all showing our customers clearly, who we are & what we are about. Thank you!
Let's do this!

What's the cost?

Capture & Convert

Pay in full £290

Split Payment Plan

3 x £99

inclusive of UK VAT.
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