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5 ways a marketing power hour can help your small business

Do you feel like you are going around in circles trying to market your small business?

You might be going through the motions but not making the progress you would like – with social media, your blogs or Facebook ads? Or you might have a new product or service and you aren’t quite sure where to start? Or something may not be working as it should be and you need a fast fix?

A power hour is a great way to get the support of a professional when you need a bit of guidance, you’re on a tighter budget or you need help fast.

What is a power hour?

A power hour with me is 60 minutes of dedicated 1:1 time to power up your knowledge of a marketing topic of your choice for only £199. I now call these Marketing Ignite Sessions on my 1:1 page. I want to ignite your passion for marketing your small business.

I have expertise in marketing, social media and ads management so I have lots of experience to share.

Here are 5 ways a marketing power hour/ ignite session can help your small business

  1. Sense checking

Do you find yourself going around in circles with new ideas and then don’t end up making any progress? I know it can be difficult to prioritise all of the tasks in your business, particularly when it comes to marketing and battling all the noise and jargon can be difficult.

Having an hour of focus to ask your questions, bat around ideas or sense check are huge benefits of a power hour. I can guide you on where you should be focusing your time or help you expand on your thoughts and ideas.

2. You get to ask an expert

I have expertise in marketing, social media and ads management so I have lots of experience to share and coming up with new ideas is my cup of tea.

Power Hours could be used on a variety of marketing, social media or Facebook ad topics including:

Marketing Focused Power Hour:

  • How can I promote my new/ product or service
  • I need some blog ideas for my business
  • Which email marketing tool should I use and what could I talk about?
  • How can I reach my ideal customer?

Social Media Power Hour

  • How do I use Instagram Reels?
  • How to set up a Pinterest page
  • How do I get better engagement on my social media posts?
  • How to get started with a Facebook group

Facebook Ads Power Hour

  • I want to step away from the boost button
  • How do I best use my advertising budget
  • My ads don’t seem to be working 
  • What would the best objective be to use?

…and much more

3. Speed up your marketing tasks

I have lots of tips, hacks and advice on how you can speed up various marketing tasks in your business. Your power hour could even focus on getting some bite-sized training on marketing tools like Instagram Reels, social media scheduling tools or email marketing software, for example.

A power hour can help you prioritise your marketing tasks and get some best practise in place to help speed up or even automate some of your marketing.

You could also check out my FREE guide on my Top 5 Tools I use to speed up my marketing for lots of tips and advice.

4. Cost effective way to work with a professional

Not all small businesses have huge dedicated marketing budgets or have the resources to employ a full-time marketing professional.

A power hour is a really cost effective way to get the benefits of a professional without the need for the resources that come from hiring an employee or ongoing freelancer.

You can jump into a power hour during the times you need it most.

5. Be productive with your limited time

As a small business owner you are the expert in your business, and that is where you should be focusing your already limited time and energy.

A power hour allows you to be productive and focus on getting expert support and advice, rather than having to be the expert in everything in your business.

I often use the analogy that I wouldn’t try and fix my car when I am not a mechanic. We would always go to the expert to get the best results.

Whether you need some advice on a creative way to promote your business, how to use a specific marketing or social media channel or tool or need some expert advice on your marketing strategy, a power hour is a great way to get a fast fix from an expert.

I have expertise in marketing, social media and ads management so I have lots of experience to share.

How does a Power Hour work?

  • Book and pay for your power hour here
  • Answer the questions in the booking form which can help us come prepared and we can maximise every minute of our hour-long session
  • Hosted via Zoom the session will cover the points in your booking form and come up with a plan of action  
  • After the session I will follow up with the session recording and any notes so you can put the topics we discussed into action


£199 for a one-off power hour session (Additional attendees are charged at £30 per person)*

If you would like to BOOK YOUR POWER HOUR you can complete my detailed questionnaire so I can prepare ahead of our call and select the date and time that suits you, as well as being able to pay.

I also work with clients on a more ongoing basis with nurture packages (when you need a little more support), training or even ongoing mentoring.

If you would like to learn more feel free to get in touch we can get to know each other and I can guide you on the best route for your business.

*price as of April 2022 and subject to change on time of booking.

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