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5 things to consider before hiring a Facebook and Instagram ads manager

Have you been considering getting some support with Facebook and Instagram advertising? You might be ready to outsource and raring to go- GREAT!

Maybe your to do list is getting ever longer or you are at the point where you might need an expert perspective- it’s now time to decide who to trust to help you with this important role in your business.

Here are five things you might need to consider before agreeing to work with a Facebook and Instagram advertising manager.

Go solo or work with an agency?

There are many advertising agencies who can seem like an appealing option. With a team of in-house designers, content creators and analysts you can get the benefit of a big team- but this can come with a large cost too.

Working with an independent ads manager can often work out much most cost effective- lower overheads tends to mean lower fees and working with a freelancer they can become more invested in your business, than a big agency with multiple clients.

As I have a marketing background I also consider where your advertising fits into your overall strategy and content- I want to ensure you are making the right decision to run ads and help you treat your money as if it were my own.

Do you need a hands-on approach or do you want a helping hand?

When you are sourcing an ads manager it’s worth considering what support  you will need from them. Is it just some support and advice with campaigns you are already running or do you need someone to take away the hassle and manage the whole process for you.

I offer Power Hours, Nurture Packages, Training and full ads management so I have a solution for every budget and need. Book a FREE 30 minute Discovery Call to see how I can help.

Its worth considering that you are placing a lot of trust in an ads manager, so it’s important to feel comfortable working together. When we work together I want to blend into your overall marketing approach and feel like part of your team.

Does your ads manager know their stuff?

It’s very easy to make wild claims when it comes to ads management. But a good ads manager won’t make crazy guarantees of success.

It’s worth considering whether your ads pro is professionally trained, do they work across other fields or expertise like social media and understand how the platforms work or did they learn on the job at an agency or corporate role?

One thing that is important is whether your Facebook and Instagram ads maanger keeps on top of the latest changing world of social media and advertising. It’s an ever changing beast and it’s vital that a good ads manager will keep you up to date with changes that might impact your ads.

I invested in my Ads Management training in 2021 with the The Two Laura’s Ads Manager Academy to bring my skills up to date and have a membership to the Social Media Managers ‘Inner Hub’ and Digital Women where I keep up to date with training masterclasses and industry news so I can keep on top of changes and news in the digital world.

Both are hugely supportive communities where the industry collaborate over compete.

Does the ads manager specialise in your industry or niche?

Before approaching an ads manager consider your goals- do you need to hire an e-commerce expert or someone who specialses in lead generation (building your email list)?

Do you need someone who has experience with your field of expertise too?

Industry expertise can be an added bonus but it isn’t always vital. Remember what matters most- that your ads manger has an in-depth knowledge of running ads that they can apply to your business.

What about a strategy and ads budget? 

A good ads manager knows that the route to results is through testing and will be quick on their feet when changes are needed. So while they'll think and act strategically, they’ll develop the strategy according to results.

Be wary of anyone who tells you their strategy before they’ve got to know your business.

The same goes for budget - they’ll look at what you need to bring in to make a profit and advise from there.

But they won’t give you firm figures without spending time getting to know your business and testing ads. Of course, management fees need to be factored in as well.

So bear in mind that for a fully managed ads service you’ll need a minimum budget of £500 to get started and my fees start from £500 for ads management.

What you can afford to pay will depend on where you are on your own business journey, and a decent ads manager will understand that.

I have lots of alternative solutions if your budget doesn’t stretch to fully managed ads- including Power Hour, training, nurturing packages and ongoing coaching- a solution for every budget and need.

What results can they guarantee?

This one is key. There are no guarantees.

All a professional ads manager will guarantee is that your budget matters as much to them as it does to you, and that they will spend it wisely. Beware false promises.

Running ads isn’t a magic fix - and anyone who tells you otherwise is not being completely honest.

Let’s face it, if someone is going to spending your money for you, honesty is crucial. So the five steps above should help lead you to one top priority - an ads manager you can trust to do everything in their power to help your business grow.

I would love to help you whether you are just getting started with ads, need an expert perspective, or need someone to take ads management off your ads for you. Book a FREE 30 minute discovery call so we can discuss how I can best support you.

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