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Beat the jargon- What is the Clubhouse App?

You may have heard mention of a new social media channel called Clubhouse App. And yes, you may well be rolling your eyes thinking- oh great another social media tool I need to be learning about.

But don’t panic, I am here to give you a rundown of what Clubhouse App is and my experience so far.

The whispers of Clubhouse App started for me in December 2020 in a social media community I am part of- The Social Media Managers Hub. And me being nosey and always having serious FOMO I wanted to learn more

Clubhouse App describes itself as:

…A new type of social network based on voice—where people around the world come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time.

Clubhouse app hallway with orange background
Clubhouse App showing Hallway

The app is currently invitation only, which is why it is so FOMO (fear of missing out) inducing. Once you are in you currently get one invitation to pass on, so it’s all about knowing the right people to get you in.

Clubhouse App is currently in beta testing, so it seems like a wise move to have a slower process of new members to test if their system can cope and make changes when needed.

It is an audio only application which means you can’t use a chat function, share your camera or record. So you really have to be paying attention and note taking if your participating.

When you get access, you can join ‘rooms’ and listen in and engage in live conversations, which sounds really weird and at first it did feel odd. You enter ‘rooms’ on different topics and it can be fear inducing when you first listen in as you panic to check your microphone is off.

Once you start listening in, you can ‘follow’ people like you can on most social media channels and be updated when they enter rooms, which is great if you find an engaging speaker and want to listen in to them again.

How to get started when you are in

I noticed when browsing the ‘rooms’ that one was called Clubhouse App Newbies so I listened to see if there was insight on how to get started and I got some great tips on making sure my profile was optimised.

You get to add your name, username, bio and profile picture. And I learned that when you first click on someone In the same room as you they can see the first three lines of your bio which they can click to expand so it’s a good idea to ensure your bio says enough about what you do in those first three lines to capture peoples attention.

You can also add a LOT of text and even include emojis in your bio. I also discovered that when you search for people to follow you can use keywords or even emojis to find people so it’s a good idea to ensure your bio is optimised for what you want to be known for.

You can also include your Twitter and Instagram details but you aren’t currently able to add clickable links.

And as a new user you will have a ?emoji, which will disappear after 7 days.

Here is my bio:

Tamara Holland @dotstripeuk Clubhouse Bio example
Tamara Holland @dotstripeuk Clubhouse Bio

Getting started in Rooms

Once you have updated your profile you can enter the ‘hallway’ which is basically like a newsfeed of rooms which you can join. You will be able to access different types of Rooms:

  • Open rooms where anyone can listen in
  • Social rooms which are just with people you follow
  • Closed rooms which are invite only
Example of a Clubhouse Room
Example of a Clubhouse Room

You can be invited by a host or participant in a Room and you can also ‘ping’ people you follow to get them to join a Room too.

The Stage is where you can see speakers- and speakers have microphone icons which they can unmute to talk. The host/moderator can also be on stage and you can be invited by them to the stage too.

If you want to ask a question or talk there is a hand raising icon and the moderator can accept you to join the stage to ask your question/ participate.

I also noticed some speakers microphones flashing- it’s when someone has shown appreciation to a speaker. You tap their microphone on and off- almost like clapping them.

If you want to leave the room there is a ‘leave quietly’ button.

I had my first adventure into speaking by joining a Newbie Room and raising my hand to introduce myself. It was quite nerve-wracking but also really fun and a great way to throw yourself into it to see how everything works. I ended up in a room with people from Australia, New York and the UK who I would never have met otherwise.

Example of speakers in Clubhouse App
Example of speakers on the Stage in the Clubhouse App

Everyone in the room I joined was supportive and wanted to show everyone how to get the best from the functionality.

There is still a whole lot to learn for me about Clubhouse App – I see it as a great place to build your personal brand. It’s also a great space to network and share your knowledge. If you already have a podcast and are confident in speaking, then hosting a Clubhouse room of your podcast would be great.

If you have a topic or hobby that you are passionate about you can speak with other likeminded people. For example, I spotted a room for actors and one for ex-professional basketball players. I can see there will be a lot more to come.

It is very addictive and I would advice changing your notifications so you don’t get sucked in all the time. Because it is audio only, I feel like you really have to focus and listen to get the most value.

I am really interested to see how it gets utilised by big brands going forward and I think it is a marketing channel that may be here to stay. So, keep your eyes peeled in 2021 for your Clubhouse invitations and get onboard.

Don’t forget to come and follow me @dotstripeuk once you are in.

If you would like some help with understanding Clubhouse better once you are invited, creating the perfect bio or learning how to utilise this new tool for your business, I would love to help.

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