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Beat the jargon- What is Instagram Reels?

Reels is a new feature from Instagram (which has similarities with TikTok) which was released to the platform in August 2020.

Instagram defines Reels as ‘….a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram’.

Reels content doesn’t have to be brand new (you can use lots of your existing content) and is a great way to showcase your brand.

Of course, it’s best to consider if Reels (or TikTok) is right for your target audience but If you have an instagram presence it is definitely worth having a go with the feature. 

I think that Instagram definitely saw the draw of some of it’s audience away from the platform over to TikTok and so now it has created it’s equivalent to keep people on their app.

What kind of content should I share on Reels?

Reels don’t just have to be big, creative features or silly dance routines. They are a fun way to share and be authentic:

  • Education content- Show your audience how to do something in a few simple steps
  • Testimonials- share your customers reviews or feedback
  • Reviews- give your reviews on tools, products or services
  • Behind the scenes - give a glimpse of your office, shop or more personal clips from your home life

How can I access Reels on Instagram?

 They are really simple to access. Just visit your Instagram stories and select the Reels section at the bottom.

What is the difference between IGTV, Instagram Stories and Reels?

IGTV- Perfect for longer videos

Stories- Content that disappears after 24 hours and that are shared with followers of your Instagram, often rapid fire

Reels- It’s a new way to create (and watch) 15- second videos, which can include multiple clips, audio, effects and text.

When you are creating Reels you can share with your followers or be shared public to a wider audience. You can even search and follow hashtags, so it’s worth adding these into your posts too.

There is still lots of learn and discover about Reels, as it is such a new feature, but if you would like some help with getting started I would love to show you how you can add Reels to your content and social marketing plans.

Get in touch or visit my Reels on my Instagram page here.

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