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Beat the jargon- What is content repurposing?

I love to use the phrase ‘reuse, reduce, recycle’ when it comes to creating content marketing.

Repurposing content is all about getting the most value from any marketing content you create. It is NOT just copying and pasting but thinking about other ways your audience may want to digest your content.

Think of the news. Do you prefer to read it in a paper, listen on the radio, watch on your social media or TV? Once we have a good idea about our ideal customer personas, we can think about which channels our audience may prefer to digest your marketing.

Blogs are a great example of marketing content that you can repurpose easily. Why not:

  • Pull out 3-5 key points from your blog and turn into social media posts
  • Do a Facebook LIVE of you discussing your blog
  • Create a video version of your blog and add to all channels
  • Add your blog content to Google business page/ Linkedin post
  • Create quote graphics from any key comments you added
  • Create pinnable images from your blog to add to Pinterest
  • Create an email of your blog content to send to your subscribers

You can even repurpose video content

  • Extract videos (event LIVE) and pop on Youtube/ Pintrest/ Google business/ website
  • Edit video into bitesized chunks
  • Extract audio from your blog to create a podcast

You can also make sure you doing some simply things like:

  • Adding your social media posts to all the channels relevant to your audience. For example, post onto Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Don’t be afraid to post popular posts again at a future date. You can look at your social media channels statistics to see which have performed best
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your audience what they would like to see

Repurposing your content has some great benefits. Not only does it speed up your content creation but you can also increase your audience reach and potentially gain more authority/ become a thought leader.

The more your content is seen the more credible your business becomes.

Helping you build up a content plan and providing you tips for repurposing your content is what I do best. I can help you understand your audience and build up a jam-packed social media and content plan. Get in touch to arrange a chat.

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