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Marketing for children's activities providers.

Your joy and passion for what you do is infectious, but you want to start seeing bigger and better results in your activities business.

Let me share how small steps with your marketing can lead to BIG transformations.

My Approach.

1:1 Support.

I am here to demystify marketing for you.
My 1:1 marketing sessions help you identify the platforms and campaigns to prioritise and focus your time and resources on.
I share the tools and techniques that can simplify your marketing efforts and help you share the passion of your business with others.
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I’m Tamara Holland,

A marketing strategist, coffee addict and mum of two.

I help businesses targeting parents and children to find best marketing strategies to get them results.

You run your business to use your skills and creativity and you want to share that with your customers, but you need to use the limited time you get in your business for the areas you are GREAT at.
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What my clients think.

  • Thank you Tamara for all your hard work. You've enabled us to continue our growth strategy consistently across all channels and it's been a real pleasure working with you over the last few months.
    Jenine Rees
    Thank you Tamara for all your hard work. You've enabled us to continue our growth strategy consistently across all channels and it's been a real pleasure working with you over the last few months.
    Chantelle Morgan
    We attended Tamara's jargon free Content Planning Masterclass last week and found it so helpful. She really took the time to explain how to get the best results for individual businesses. We are looking forward to the insta shop and insta reels classes next.
    Rach Young
    Tamara's Capture & Convert course was amazing! Her expert guidance and support made all the difference. The course is divided into easy-to-follow, bite-sized chunks, with a clear step-by-step system. Tamara excels at explaining the tech, and her invaluable support and feedback were crucial. I highly recommend working with Tamara and taking her Capture & Convert course!
    Dot Kids
  • I attended a Kickstart Marketing Workshop with Tamara and, I have to say, it was absolutely fantastic! I now have so many new ideas and Tamara offered lots of advice and suggestions throughout too. She is so personable and really makes marketing simple. I would definitely recommend her sessions - thank you for your help!
    Michelle Madders
    I could not recommend Tamara enough!
    I knew nothing of marketing my business and felt completely overwhelmed with the information. After being part of the 'Create a jam packed content and social media plan' session I felt completely empowered and had something to keep me going for months. Tamara's personable approach makes it far easier to understand and enjoy!
    Michael Fruend
    Tamara is brilliant at what she does. I was thrilled with her enthusiasm and understanding of my brand & was
    extremely happy with the work she has done for me. I look forward to working with her again. Do not hesitate to contact her for anything marketing related.
    Benedkyt & Sylvester Ltd
  • I have just completed a Kickstart Marketing Workshop with Dot & Stripe and feeling very inspired and learnt lots of new ways to market my business. It was a very personalised, friendly session and Tamara gave some great points, ideas and new ways of marketing that were specific for my business needs. Compared to others this was the best value and most useful!
    Brilliant woman, very helpful and knowledgable. Whatever point you are at, it will help you get clear on what you're trying to achieve specific to your business and how you can do it.

    Highly recommend.
    Georgina S. Ayoub
    Running a small business with ZERO background in marketing felt
    overwhelming and was at the bottom of my ever-growing to-do pile, so I thank my lucky stars to have found Tamara. Not only is she incredibly friendly and genuinely interested in what I'm talking about, but she is so incredibly experienced and knowledgeable.
    Samantha Taylor
  • I met Tamara at a zoom networking event during lockdown. Tamara has given me time. Time to think on my business, decide my next step, time is what we all need and I cannot thank Tamara enough for her fantastic fresh approach, taking it, owning it, running with it and for the TIME.
    Avril O'Brien
    Tamara is efficient, flexible and always very easy to deal with. She is a great fit for my business due to her skill-set that brings style and timely posts to my companies social media pages. It would take me so much more time to achieve the same results doing the job myself.
    Liz Coulter
    I absolutely love Tamara Holland and her marketing services are brilliant. She is really helpful and has so much knowledge. I was struggling for time and she has helped me to come up with months of content and a plan moving forward. Highly recommended!!
    Aimee Newton

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